Brush Stroke Tattoo: The Basics

The brush stroke tattoo is another form of style that goes beyond the traditional thick black lines, measured shading and blocky colors that many people associate with the art form. Minimalist and bold, a brush stroke tattoo can be designed to stand alone or as part of a larger design such as an animal.


Depending on what the client envisions, the artists at Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos can create abstract lines, as


well flowers and animals that emphasize the fluid gracefulness that is associated with a brush stroke tattoo. Long lines that marry art and realism, Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoo's artists provide the texture and weight that brings the subject of the tattoo to vivid and realistic life. Visit their website to see examples of some of their amazing work then contact them at their London location. You have the chance to learn more about this growing trend in tattoo artistry.