Frequently Asked Questions

A guide to tattoos and their process at Santo Cuervo

At Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoo, we strive to provide our clients with the best tattoo experience in London and beyond. We take pride in considering ourselves a professional tattoo studio with the aim to turn your design idea into a great tattoo. Below is some information about how we work and what you can expect from us, but if the information is not listed please get in touch!

  • Which styles do you specialise in?

We feel most comfortable doing watercolour, realism and blackwork; however we have guest artists regularly attending our studio in London, which means we are able to provide other styles such as geometry, tribal, dotwork, old school, etc.

  • How old do I have to be to get tattoos?

You must be 18 or older to get tattooed. It is illegal to tattoo under 18s, so if you find a studio or artist that does it, you should probably run away. Waiting a couple of years for a good tattoo at a reputable studio is a good idea and isn't a big ask in the grand scheme of things! 

Please bring a valid ID with you!

  • How do I book a consultation or tattoo appointment?

Get in touch with us via email with a brief description of what you wish to get tattooed, where on your body, what sort of size, and any other info you might find relevant. Please inform us if you have any health related concerns or any special needs.


We will then reply with a rough quote, potential dates for your tattoo appointment and for a face to face consultation beforehand if necessary.


Tell us what dates suit you best and confirm your tattoo appointment with a non-refundable deposit, which you can transfer online or pay in-store. This deposit gets credited to the total of your tattoo at the end of your session. If you need to change your bookings please let us know 48 hours in advance, otherwise you might lose your deposit!

  • When will I see my design?

Generally, your artist will begin to draw after a non-refundable deposit has been made and a consultation has taken place. In most cases your design will be finished on the day of your session, and final tweaks can be made on the spot before starting. Please consult with your artist once the consultation is done, as each design has different needs and each artist has a different method for designing your tattoo.



  • How are tattoos priced?

Please view our 'Prices' page for a detailed explanation!



  • What should I do before / during / after my tattoo session?

Before: Go to bed early the night before your tattoo session and come well rested, completely sober and with a full stomach. This is your chance to eat that extra 5 pieces of toast and 3 bowls of Corn Flakes. 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy applies. Don't be late! Tardiness on client’s behalf will be taken from their allocated time and being more than 15 minutes late could lead to cancellation. No children under 16 allowed. Your friends won't be allowed to be by your side so please don't bring them unless necessary!


During: Be as relaxed as possible. Bring headphones and zone out, read a book, get to know your artist or just breathe and meditate. Do not talk on the phone. Do not bring your best 17 friends, just bring one if necessary. They will have to stay in the waiting area anyway. Snack as much as you want (sugary snacks work best) and stay hydrated. Take as many breaks as you need, but not more than enough. Don't touch your tattoo!


After: Leave your tattoo wrapped until you're in the safety of your home. Wash your hands, take off the wrapping and wash your tattoo gently with warm water and a bit of soap. Tap it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Apply a thin layer of aftercare cream, (just enough for your tattoo to be moisturised). Applying too much cream can lead to longer healing times. Before going to bed, wrap your tattoo up as it might still be very fresh. It should be fine to leave it unwrapped from the following morning on. After the first few days your tattoo will naturally start to peel or scab, do not pick or scratch it. Clean it and cream it two or three times a day for two weeks. During this time avoid exercise, do not take baths, go swimming, use saunas or wear tight fitting clothes. By the third week your tattoo should look settled and healed. If at this point you feel the tattoo needs a second pass, let us know and we'll book you in for a free touch-up.



  • Do you retouch existing tattoos / do cover-ups?

While some artists frown upon "touching other people's work", we feel that should be left up to you. At the end of the day, the tattoo is on your skin, not on anyone else's. If you feel that we can improve your old tattoo or cover it up with a new one, then we definitely want to hear from you. There's a catch though. Our work will depend on what your existing tattoo looks like, which is why for projects like these a face to face consultation is a must.



  • Are your products vegan?

100% vegan. All of them. Inks, tattoo aftercare, stencil paper, tattoo furniture, cleaning products. If there's a vegan alternative, we have it!