Our Rough Price List

Somewhat of an answer to the daunting 'how much will it cost' question

We do like to stray from the tattoo path sometimes, which is why we do things most tattoo studios would frown upon, such as being as forthcoming as possible with our prices. We hate giving quotes, you hate asking, it's all super awkward, so hopefully this helps. The following is a guide to what we charge for tattoos, along with some Pinterest-tastic sample images to further illustrate. Of course, all rights and credits go to their respective owners.

  • £50 tattoos - a.k.a minimum charge

Pretty much all of those tattoos that are just a square inch or two, single needle, single colour, on arms or legs. We're talking about love hearts, stars, simple geometric shapes, small words or initials, simple symbols, etc.

  • £60 to £100 tattoos

This is the price range for those tattoos that seem simple but have that bit of extra something that makes us say 'hmmm dunno, not really a minimum charge tattoo...' Simply put, they usually require more substantial filling/colouring in, are more intricate, are placed on a trickier body part, have more than one colour, longer or more than one word, etc, etc.

  • £100 to £250 tattoos

The range starts getting wider and so does the ambiguity! Tattoos in this range will definitely have a few colours and/or shading, different line weights,  more detail and are roughly around 3 or 4 square inches. Or they can be simple design but bigger size. Or maybe a lot of detail but small in size. You get the point (we hope).

  • £250 to £400 tattoos

Things start getting real interesting at this range. There might be hints of realism here and there, or elaborate watercolour, damn good shading and decent sizes.​ It's safe to say from here on these are the tattoos that will make it to our permanent portfolios.

  • £400-600 tattoos

We start approaching full day territory. A lot of colour, a lot of realism, a lot of intricacy, crazy designs, beautiful portraits, experimental placement, who knows how many needles, lunch breaks, Oreos to keep you going, call-in-sick-the-next-day-if-it's-not-on-a-weekend, heart to heart conversations with your artist, Uber ride back home. 

  • £600+ tattoos

All of those tattoos that we wish we could do for you in one sitting but there are just not enough hours in the day. Sleeves, back pieces, chest pieces and the such. What dreams are made of, where real friendships begin.