What Should You Look for in Tattoo Shops?

Not all tattoo shops are alike. Once you scratch beneath the surface, it becomes more clear regarding the philosophy that each one embraces. An environment that welcomes everyone from the individual that is getting their first tattoo to one who is experienced is important to making sure that you are comfortable. A friendly, knowledgeable and ethical staff that focuses on providing the best to its clients ensures that everyone's experience is top-notch.


Another element that you should look for in tattoo shops is experience in the type of tattoo you envision. At Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos, their staff has expertise in techniques ranging from microblading and brush stroke tattoo to realism tattoos and watercolor tattoos. The staff at Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos is based in the city of London and offers a truly international experience. Four languages -- Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian -- are spoken by the artists there.