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We host many guest artists from all around the world. If you're coming to London and are looking for a place to work, we got you! Here's some stuff you need to know if you want to work with us:

  • We operate on a rental basis. This means no commissions or percentages on clients that you bring. You decide what you'd like to charge them and pay us a flat fee of £80 per day.

  • Once the guest spot is arranged, we will advertise it on our social media, which can help to find you new clients to fill out your day or even allow you to book extra days with us. However this isn't guaranteed and we strongly advise to have your own clients already arranged.

  • The station must be booked in advance, as it's the only way to guarantee it'll be available for you. We recommend obtaining a deposit from your clients and then getting in touch to book a station. The further in advance it is, the better the chance of availability.

  • The rental fee is to be paid on the week before your guest spot at the latest. We will not be able to guarantee availability if the rental fee isn't paid on time. The fee is non-refundable and any rescheduling must be carried out with at least 48 hours notice.

  • For clients provided by the studio, our commission fee of 40% will apply. Any details regarding the appointment, tattoo brief, quotes, etc will be discussed with you for approval before confirming the session with the client.

  • The day begins at 11:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm.​

  • We provide a tattoo bed, trolley, lamp, XL armrest, ink caps, green soap, gloves, kitchen towel, petroleum jelly, tongue depressors, cling film and other consumables. You would need to bring your machines, inks, needles/cartridges and iPad/laptop. Please specify to the studio manager what glove size you are and if you are allergic to latex.

  • We have two WiFi networks - 'Santo Cuervo' (password is santo009) and 'Santo Cuervo Guest' (password is santo1234). Please provide your clients with the 'guest' WiFi, and keep the main one for your own use only.

  • The studio's phone number is (+44) 0207 254 1689. Our WhatsApp number is (+44) 0788 332 8647

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you! 

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